About us

The story of Luc De Laet & Peggy Van Haver is one of enthusiasm, hard work and ambition. Their story began in 1992. What started with a small Butcher’s Store in Hove has grown into more, much more: a Butcher’s Store at a new location in Hove, a restaurant Butcher’s Dining next to Butcher’s Store Hove, a wholesale Butcher’s Craft in Aartselaar, a second butchery Butcher’s Store Antwerp City Brewery in the Antwerp City Brewery and a third shop Butcher’s Store Antwerp City South at ‘t Zuid in Antwerp.

Our mission: “To use our family love for our craft and meat thoughtfully, passionately and innovatively to guarantee meat lovers an exceptional and as conscious as possible taste experience.”

Meat carving and processing is an age-old craft. To this day, these old traditions play an important role for the high-quality and healthy taste experience that De Laet & Van Haver wants to bring to the outside world. De Laet & Van Haver makes traditional products of old with today’s technology. The rise of culinary culture and the evolution towards sustainability ensures that today’s butcher is an artist and an innovator at the same time. Creativity, innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. Meat is processed “from nose to tail”.

Due to mass consumption, there is often a tendency of “taste flattening”. De Laet & Van Haver fights against this flattening from every fiber. De Laet & Van Haver focuses on quality over quantity.

Our vision: Less but better. When it comes to food, we believe in a world where taste always comes before quantity. To achieve this, we must all work together to support a food chain in which meat is grown with respect for the planet, which goes hand in hand with love for the craft and with a focus on the general well-being of humans and animals.

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