Which barbecue device you ultimately choose has to do with your personal preference and the dishes you wish to prepare. Butcher’s Store is an official distributor of both Ofyr and Yakiniku, and we are not just that. We’ll give you a little explanation.

Ofyr has conquered the barbecue market in recent years. This stylish fire bowl is a real eye catcher and also a very practical baking tool. Humans are social beings who feel especially connected around a fire, food and drink. Let that be Ofyr’s strong point. You fuel these pits on wood, which immediately creates the right atmosphere and a feeling of togetherness. We can all enjoy it together around a wood fire.

On an Ofyr, the product is protected from direct flames. You bake, as it were, on a “grill plate”. Do you prefer direct contact with flames? Ofyr has devised a grill grate for this. You place it above the round opening and you grill your product in the flames. The Ofyr is an all-rounder and ideal for baking and cooking vegetables, crustaceans and shellfish and even homemade naan bread or Pimientos de Padron. In our opinion a must try.

Where the Ofyr excels in atmosphere and cosiness, with Yakiniku you get a device that lends itself perfectly to grilling your favorite piece of meat directly or indirectly. This Japanese kamado is the ideal tool if you want to obtain a powerful, intense grilled taste. Grilling with the Yakiniku is done over an open fire. To prevent combustion, Yakiniku has launched a “heat shield”. This shield protects the product from burning and drying out.

The possibilities with a Yakiniku are endless. This grill is also ideal for slow cooking. Slow cooking of meat such as beef brisket or Boston Butt for a long time.

Not quite sure yet? Feel free to ask our store employees for more information. They will gladly assist you in making your choice.