Back to basics. Outdoor living and eating. This summer we are creating a social experience around our festive meal, with the barbecue as the centerpiece. Roast large pieces of quality meat over the Ofyr, barbecue or fire pit, and rub it regularly with a bunch of rosemary or thyme infused with olive oil. Pure products that we prepare using old methods on wood or charcoal. That’s the gist. We eat and experience with all our senses. We honor the social aspect and involve our guests in the cooking process. We enjoy together.

We also create this feeling in our restaurant Butcher’s Dining. The customer is involved in the process. Smell and see how the meat and vegetables are prepared. That’s an essential part of the experience we want to offer.

This summer and after that, products will be traced back to their origin. We respect the simplicity and purity of our ingredients. We sear the asparagus and finish it with a drop of olive oil. A pure piece of meat or vegetable is full of flavor and needs no sauce. We would much rather put a bowl of sauce on the table so that the customer can choose how the dish is finished.

This is what we like to teach our customers, without coming across as preachy. As a butcher, it is our job to transfer our knowledge to the consumer. We are convinced that we will all eat less but better meat.